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    The Taste

    Sun to Thu at 7pm UAE

    The Taste season begins with blind auditions of both professional and amateur cooks during which four judges, taste one spoonful of food from each contestant without knowing who cooked it or what all the ingredients were.

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    The Home Team S1

    Sun to Thu at 9pm UAE

    The Home Team offers a terrific mix of leading lifestyle genres all under the one roof and on a daily basis for 10-weeks.

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    Boys Weekend

    Sun to Thu at 10pm UAE

    An Australian cooking television series hosted by four Australian-based chefs Gary Mehigan, Manu Feildel, Miguel Maestre and Adrian Richardson, who visit different locations across Australia to sample and cook local produce.

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    The Real Girl's Kitchen

    Sun to Thu at 6pm UAE

    Hosted by Haylie Duff and based on her wildly popular namesake blog and cookbook, The Real Girl's Kitchen takes you into Haylie's kitchen, and world, where she serves up recipes, stories and adventures.


Thursday September 14 , 2017 UAE Timing
Ultimate Homes 12:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 1:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 1:30am
Home Free 2:00am
The Taste 3:00am
The Home Team 4:00am
The Home Team 4:30am
Ultimate Homes 5:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 6:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 6:30am
The Taste 7:00am
Home Free 8:00am
The Home Team 9:00am
The Home Team 9:30am
Ultimate Homes 10:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 11:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 11:30am
The Taste 12:00pm
Home Free 1:00pm
The Home Team 2:00pm
The Home Team 2:30pm
Ultimate Homes 3:00pm
The Taste 4:00pm
Home Free 5:00pm
The Real Girl's Kitchen 6:00pm
The Real Girl's Kitchen 6:30pm
The Taste 7:00pm
Home Free 8:00pm
The Home Team 9:00pm
The Home Team 9:30pm
Boys Weekend 10:00pm
Boys Weekend 10:30pm
The Home Team 11:00pm
The Home Team 11:30pm