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    MasterChef Australia S7

    Sun to Thu at 10pm UAE

    MasterChef Australia is a Logie Award-winning Australian reality competitive cooking game show, where a few dozen home chefs battle it out to earn the best chef title, judged by top Australian chefs.

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    Epic S1

    Premieres 27th Nov, Sun to Thu at 7pm UAE

    Epic explores the most expensive, excessive and outrageous extravagances such as yachts, pools, log cabins etc that people willingly fork over their life savings for.


Monday November 20 , 2017 UAE Timing
The Real Girl's Kitchen 12:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 12:30am
The Home Team 1:00am
The Home Team 1:30am
Good Chef Bad Chef 2:00am
Good Chef Bad Chef 2:30am
Boys Weekend 3:00am
Boys Weekend 3:30am
Ultimate Homes 4:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 5:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 5:30am
The Home Team 6:00am
The Home Team 6:30am
Boys Weekend 7:00am
Boys Weekend 7:30am
Good Chef Bad Chef 8:00am
Good Chef Bad Chef 8:30am
Ultimate Homes 9:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 10:00am
The Real Girl's Kitchen 10:30am
The Home Team 11:00am
The Home Team 11:30am
Boys Weekend 12:00pm
Boys Weekend 12:30pm
Good Chef Bad Chef 1:00pm
Good Chef Bad Chef 1:30pm
Ultimate Homes 2:00pm
The Real Girl's Kitchen 3:00pm
The Real Girl's Kitchen 3:30pm
Boys Weekend 4:00pm
Boys Weekend 4:30pm
Good Chef Bad Chef 5:00pm
Good Chef Bad Chef 5:30pm
The Home Team 6:00pm
The Home Team 6:30pm
Boys Weekend 7:00pm
Boys Weekend 7:30pm
The Chef's Line 8:00pm
The Chef's Line 8:30pm
Ultimate Homes 9:00pm
The Real Girl's Kitchen 10:00pm
The Real Girl's Kitchen 10:30pm
Ultimate Homes 11:00pm